A Dreary Night

A dreary house in a dreary town, a man walking in with a grey frown.

Can’t see his mind, can’t see his heart neither do anyone see his imaginary part.

Being dragged with nobody hearing, we need quiet now so can’t you just stop fearing? .

Killing time killing mine, nobody has touched them since the stars aligned.

The house is so empty so yet full ohh this party will never get dull

A dreary man walks in with steps so heavy have this person ever been heady?

A prison is not a building, it’s your head getting disturbed

This man is not in prison he’s just mentally perturbed

He walks and walks from room to room, looking for someone or something to do

Looking in every cupboard the whole slew.

There’s something that follows him and it’s neither a human nor god, oh god save us from this monster here in Novgorod.

Thy god is dead, there will be fear now it’s the time for demons to cheer

A body here, a body there where o where have the bodies all disappeared

It must be that man i saw him yesterday walking crooked into a dark alleyway

Call the police for the crooked man he will be hung we will no longer be afeared.

A crooked man crawls on the floor, “We must find her before they destroy our door”

With a screech and and a jump they disappear trying to find their heart heart that’s so revered

All wake up and you will see something non human nor monster crawling your floor

but don’t be scared it’s not there for you it just wants to walk into your body like a door

Make it beautiful make it his, it will need no analyses.

There will be darkness, will be no light, but it will not put up a fight

The monster knows

The monster dose

Monsters will never die

Monsters will bring terror forever because evil never dies

Monsters are made by other monsters

There are small there are big

You’re either a murderer or just a little prigg

Av: Viktor

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